Our Goals


Our traumatic experience brought out frustration from neighboring dog lovers, and a pattern emerged: that potentially dangerous dogs aren’t being restricted, removed, or even monitored after injuring other pets and people. Equally disturbing is the lack of city or statewide oversight and public data on these incidents. We heard personal accounts of powerful dogs destroying people‚Äôs lives, with no recourse or record. Injured dogs. Dead dogs. People attacked and hospitalized- all in Cambridge. During this time, the community asked me to file a dangerous dog complaint with Animal Control. I learned that at least three people had called with concerns on this particular dog and that the teenager who was caring for it was related to an Animal Control worker. How then was Animal Control not aware of this dog, and why would they allow a teenager to keep it? At some point, the attacking dog was transported to another location. Why was this allowed? During the process of the Dangerous Dog hearing, Animal Control sent my private information (including address and correspondence) to all parties ever involved with the attacking Pitbull- including individuals with a history of drugs, violence, assault, and incarceration. Within a week of these mailings, my car was vandalized and my life was threatened. There has been no response from the Police, Mayor, or City Manager.

Neighbors began to look closer at the Animal Commission. They found that Cambridge ordinance requires a City Manager appointed 7-Member Animal Commission, yet there is no listing of it or its members to be found. There is no current Animal Commission, only Animal Control staff. The absence of a functioning Commission explains the lack of guidance or accountability of Animal Control. We need to establish The Cambridge Animal Commission and review its policy in order to ensure and enhance public safety. Dangerous dog owners are not being held accountable for the damage they have caused and will cause. The decisions about which dogs are dangerous are being left without the oversight and counsel of an Animal Commission. Our furry friends are our family, and our families deserve better. Please sign our petition and get involved!

We Propose:

  • To Establish the 7 Member Cambridge Animal Commission and review policy.
  • To Explore Pet Liability Insurance via a City-based Insurance program.
  • To Re-introduce to Mayor Mark McGovern a bill that bans backyard breeding.
  • A Spay / Neuter Ordinance and with reasonable waivers and affordable options.
  • A City & ultimately Statewide public database on dog bite incidents.
  • Oversight & Accountability of Owners, Breeders, Shelters, and Animal Control.